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About Riverside Sports Performance Center

For over 20 year Riverside Health and Fitness Center has provided premium health services to the area. Throughout the years we have developed dynamic fitness regimens for all people. RHFC has increasingly provided those services to aspiring young athletes. Our success and commitment to providing high quality affordable fitness solutions has motivated us to open our brand new state of the art sports performance center. Riverside Sports Performance Center is the first of its kind in the area.

We utilize turf training for maximum benefit and real feel performance as well as private state of the art strength and conditioning area. *Our value and commitment to providing our services is unmatched as all enrolled clients participating in our program receive free membership to Riverside Health and Fitness.  Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by an adult. 

RSPC is a facility which was designed and developed for an industry low 5 to 1 athlete to performance coach ratio. If you are not satisfied or feel that your child is not benefiting from group training or camps where ratios of 15 to 1 or even 20 to 1 are normal than you have found the right place. We have integrated a system essential where athletes benefit from our classes as our performance coaches will interact, train, advise and mentor in each and every class. RSPC also offers our athletes with highly skilled and certified fitness coaches. Throughout the class you will have the same certified performance coach.

Lastly, our facility is independent; we do not have to align ourselves with a one size fits all approach. RSPC has the most advanced sports training equipment, knowledge and vision to help achieve results for athletes. RSPC approach to sports training through the years has helped athletes reach their full potential and is the most satisfying experience of all.

*All sports training clients 15 to 18 receive a free membership to RHFC while enrolled in classes. Customers will have access to over 150 pieces of strength and cardio equipment.

Customers may utilize the gym during the following hours:

Our Mission

To advance an individual's sports and fitness goals through experienced training techniques that foster attitude, commitment, courage and personal achievement in a safe and encouraging environment.

Our Staff

Riverside Health and Fitness is thrilled and honored to bring you the most advanced and professional Athletic Training Center in the area. Possessing the highest, most advanced and most noteworthy Certifications, Licensing and Education, our team of Athletic trainers stand ready and able to dramatically improve your skills and overall performance. Our complied training experience boasts an elite wealth of knowledge and credibility. Utilizing our expert program design and nutritional advisement we will develop life-changing results and remarkable improvements within each individual.

Director of Sports Fitness

Certifications and credentials:

Experience: 12 years

Walter is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the National Exercise and Sports Trainer's Association. He is an exercise and fitness enthusiast with over 12 years experience, whose passion is to influence the lives of many and promoting a healthier living. Exercise and diet are key components in preventing some chronic diseases and personal training is his way of delivering this message to everyone, young and old alike. As a child, Walter had a passion for sports, competing in both basketball and football. He continues his involvement as he has coached both sports in the Hackettstown area. Besides coaching, Walter has trained numerous athletes in strength, speed, agility and endurance from the Collegiate, high school down to the middle school level. Walter has helped many athletes achieve a high level of success in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and football. Many have of them have participated in prestigious in-state and out of state tournaments.

Over the last several years more pressure is put on young athletes to compete and many are playing all year round. At RSPC we stress the importance of proper stretching techniques pre and post workouts, and design on programs so kids will have a stronger chance to reduce injuries. Although, I have provided Sports Training at Riverside Health and Fitness for the last seven years, we researched and invested in the most prolific sports equipment found. We are proud to be the only area to have the V8 Vertimax, the most safe and effective way to train for speed, agility and lateral acceleration as well as increasing your vertical.

Walter's goal is to maximize the athletic ability of each individual and increase their potential to excel. He has made it possible for many athletes' to increase their overall athletic performance, which has paid great dividends on the playing field.