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Track & Field


We utilize the same approach for our other feature sports:

Soccer Football Wrestling Basketball Lacrosse Basketball/Softball Track & Field Volleyball Field Hockey All sports are played with different rules and have different features that make them unique. However, the one basic principle that each sport requires is speed, lateral acceleration, vertical explosiveness and power.

RSPC provides the tools necessary for each athlete to achieve greater results on the field. In addition, to offering these programs we also teach the proper stretching techniques that are essential for every athlete.

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Sports Programs

Each athlete participating in our sports specific training will be evaluated to best determine his or her current level of ability. This will allow both parties to set and obtain goals and monitor progress.

Riverside Sports Performance Center Evaluation will measure:

The evaluation process is critical for us to understand the strengths and weaknesses to make sure that the athlete is maximizing their time. In addition, during the evaluation process we demonstrate the proper warm-up/stretching techniques which are critical components to any Sport. A detailed analysis is performed with the parent and athlete to determine which program is the best choice.

Speed. Agility. Strength. Conditioning.

RSP Center's all inclusive and elite training programs. Athletes will be analyzed, tested and coached through vigorous methods of training to vastly improve their skills, abilities and dynamic athletic movements. We will instill marked improvements in: strength, power and explosive movements, speed, agility, stability, core strength and overall conditioning. Become part of TEAM RIVERSIDE as an individual or as a group of your teammates to achieve greatness and become the elite athlete you've dreamed of.

Speed and Agility

RSP Center's Speed & Agility Training Camp will analyze the plyometric movements of each athlete, develop and implement impressive training routines and create a brand new athlete. Focusing on Improving the overall speed and agility we will make each individual and team faster, more agile, quicker and more explosive in their respective event or sport.

Team Training

RSPC encourages team training. Our philosophy is on building team unity through our team training programs. It is important for any team to build on the physical, mental and social part of sports. When athletes train together there is a great deal of comradery not found anywhere else. Through commitment and hard work athletes feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. The greater the satisfaction the more likely the commitment he or she will place on their sport.

Speed. Agility. Strength. Conditioning.

RSP Center's Strength & Conditioning Specialists will coach and train athletes through functional drills and exercises to powerfully improve the overall strength and conditioning of each athlete. Through various power movements and sustained muscular endurance drills and exercises, you will become a more dominant athlete in your respective sport.