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RSPC is the areas only state of the art sport performance training facility dedicated to the sports athlete. Our sports facility balances sophisticated training equipment with precise training techniques to ensure beneficial gains. RSPC contains the highest quality training turf and extra high ceilings enabling us to create innovative sports fitness programs in a private setting.

Our unique private training area has some of the most sophisticated sports training equipmenton the market. The V8 Vertimax Training System is used by half of the NBA, NFL and almost all Major Division 1 College programs and is one of the most safe and effective ways for young kids to become quicker and faster. In addition, to the Vertimax our older athletes benefit from our Powernetics strength and conditioning line. Many athletes today are suffering from injuries or are trying to train on out dated equipment. Powernetics strength and fitness equipment is proven to offer safer, lighter load ballistic and power training reducing injuries now and in the future.

Mike Woicik, New England Patriots Strength Coach Rates Powernetics Bear #1 "I believe the squat to be the single most important exercise that can be done in the weight room. For years I believed that Bar Squats was the best method for the squat exercise. But, after one year of using The Bear and seeing its performance in the weight room that has all changed.

"I see The Bear as the king of the lower body exercise and the finest tool for squatting, on the market today."

RSPC combines an Industry low 5 to 1 student to performance coach ratio with the areas only V8 Vertimax and Powernetics strength and conditioning equipment.

We invite you to compare our training techniques, low student to performance coach ratio, specialized sports training equipment, our SPC facility, use of the entire health club and lastly our cost to any other facility in the area.

Our new V8 Vertimax Training System is used by professional athletes in all sports and is considered one of the best ways to increase speed, versatility and unmatched vertical gains. We also provide sophisticated visual sports performance that develop rapid hand eye coordination, again the areas first facility to incorporate this training technique.

In addition, to our turf and strength facility we will offer: